Toraymyxin is a Polymyxin B extracorporeal direct hemoperfusion adsorption column which is highly effective in removing endotoxin in the bloodstream. Toraymyxin has been approved and marketed by Toray Industries in Europe and Japan since 2002 and 1994 respectively, and has been used safely on more than 80,000 patients.

Toraymyxin has the potential to meet the needs of the more than 250,000 U.S. patients diagnosed with severe sepsis and septic sho
Toraymyxin is a therapeutic hemoperfusion device that requires a pump capable of circulating at 100 ml/min. Hemoperfusion is a medical process to remove a toxic substance from a patient’s blood by pumping the blood over an absorbent surface.
The inside of a Toraymyxin column is packed with polystyrene fibers coated with the antibiotic Polymyxin B. This material has a high affinity for endotoxin and as blood passes through the column, endotoxin is tightly adsorbed onto the Polymyxin B coated fibers.