Securmix is a medical device that creates a closed system for the recostitution of anti tumors drugs without detaching the syringe.
Securmix is available in two versions as Securmix Bottles and Securmix Bags, both equipped with a 0.22 micron hydrophobic filter
Staff working in the preparation of anti-tumor drugs are exposed every day to the risks inherent in their handling. The personnel must therefore reconstitute the drug by means of the traditional system or use of a hydrofobic filter disconnecting the syringe containing the cytostatic to introduce it in the I.V. connection set attached to the i.v. solution container, with risk of contamination of the operators, of the work surface and of the outside of bags or bottles containing the therapy.
Securmix Bottles is equipped with two hydrophobic filters with membranes having 0.22-micron pores. One filter is connected by means of an air channel to the bottle containing the i.v. solution , while the second filter is connected by means of another air channel to the vial containing the drug.