Enter a new era in infusion management with the BodyGuard 323 infusion pump. BodyGuard offers a comprehensive range of features designed to maximize saf, economical and simple administration of infusion.


Continuous, 25 Steps, TPN, Intermittent, and PCA.

BodyGuard is light, compact & robust ensuring it can be used in a wide variety of treatment settings such as hospital, homecare, transport or emergency medicine.

his flexibility is further enhanced by the rechargeable, internal Li-Ion battery and a mains charger.

BodyGuard constitutes a major advance in ambulatory and bed-side pump technology incorporating safety features, which can be configured to fit local practice and locked to prevent change by unauthorized personnel.

These features include security access codes, anti-bolus system, free-flow protection in all disposables, downloadable patient and event history, adjustable air-in-line detection. Furthermore, BodyGuard software can be adjusted to user needs, including choice of language for information display, range of features and settings.